Star Wars: A Galaxy Divided

Chir-Pi's Log, Session 3

Much has occurred since I last wrote. We met an unassuming solitary Mirialin on Christophsis; searched the planet only to find a murderous assassin droid; came back after tampering with it only for Bhentar and Eevenak to abandon us; Found the Mirialin burned alive by a Selonian healer and a [Insert Jordan’s character bio here]; Murdered an Imperial Loyalist squad in addition to the assassin droid we found earlier; Took the Selonian and [temp] aboard; and set off for Kashyyk.

Truly my Jedi training couldn’t prepare me for this. Bhentar always talked about our life as Jedi. His dreams didn’t account for the murderous traitors dismantling said dream of course, but to have him suddenly abandon our journey so abruptly troubles me greatly. I will miss him.

Azule continues to try my patience. I have no choice but to turn a blind eye to much of his cruelty. Our journey is critical, and I know that I can’t accomplish it alone. Though he has a good spirit to take up this mission, his means of accomplishing it leave me wondering if the dark side will eventually take me. I meditate more frequently than ever, but darkness seems to perpetuate every task we complete.

Farrier informed me he also was a prospective Jedi present at the massacre. We haven’t had much chance to speak of this, but I know he’ll make a worthy addition to the crew.

[Jordan] is a complete mystery to me. Perhaps I will arrange a formal meeting with our two new crew members.


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