Chir-Pi Wingaflap

A mystic being with lofty goals.


Born on the Sathari homeplanet Arbooine, Chir-Pi was gifted with innate force sensitivity. Throughout his young years he had an uncanny sense for events yet to transpire. Though innocuous in its beginnings, it began to evolve into a keen sense for the prediction of significant moments.

Staying on Arbooine for many years honing his skills, Chir cultivated an immense disdain for the dark side of the force, choosing instead to abide by the ancient Jedi code over the volatile mantras of the dark side.

Chir one day sensed a strong resurgence in the Jedi order. With nothing but his conviction and his incomplete vision, he set off with the first trader convoy that would take him. Sathari culture values family over all, and Chir was disowned from the Wingaflap clan.

Chir-Pi Wingaflap

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