Ardent Shadow Squad

A First Order kill team with one target: Jedi.


A team of seven men, trained to slay the Jedi Knights.

Ithiro Garand

Formerly a strike team leader in the Hand of Sidious, Ithiro Garand moved into the service of the First Order after the Hand’s collapse. He is the cruel and capable leader of the squad.

Severn Than

The calculating gadgeteer, ready to deploy shields or repair weapons in the thick of combat.

Andar Vozz

The arrogant sniper, capable of incredible skill-shots.

Coranthus Hex

The vibrosword wielding assassin, perpetually silent.

Santian Glasar

A heavy weapons operative, wielding a heavy blaster rifle.

Claze Weir

Master of stealth insertion and information gathering.

Bracar Odereen

The team’s medic, seemingly kind for an agent of the First Order.


Trained by elusive dark-side users, the Ardent Shadow squad was created to deal with the growing Jedi threat. The First Order, realizing they would only join the fight inevitably, determined that the best way to fight the Jedi would be through a preemptive strike, followed by a hunt that would chase them into the darkest corners of the galaxy.

Ardent Shadow Squad

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