Andrali Tashad

A young, brash jedi with a dream.


Andrali is a devoted woman, believing that good can be restored to the galaxy through swift action. She hopes to personally destroy the Hand of Sidious, along with any remnants of the Empire. A friend to both Chir-Pi Wingaflap and Bhentar S’kari, and infatuated with her fellow Jedi apprentice Amos Ishan.

Andrali is a talented force user, and a master of lightsaber combat, consistently impressing her superiors during her trials. Tashad is among the first candidates to be promoted to knighthood.


Andrali Tashad was the daughter of a Tatooinian info dealer, discovered at age 8 by Luke Skywalker during a return to his home planet. She displayed great promise with the Force, and so was taken to the Jedi Academy for training.

She met Bhentar S’kari early on, and the two became loose friends for the first few years of their training. Over the past two years, however, the two have drifted apart.

Andrali Tashad

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