The Loyalist Fallen



A sizeable chunk of the Imperial Navy massed around Dac in the aftermath of the Death Star II disaster.They were co-ordinated by the local Moff Darrow Tosh, but were soon exiled from the planet by the New Republic.

After a series of events orchestrated by a rival faction, the Hand of Sidious, the Loyalist Fallen were nearly destroyed. But, under the fierce leadership of Thax Tranquil, the Fallen are once again setting their sights on lofty goals.

A formidable naval force, the Loyalist Fallen represent the most dedicated and strict of the Naval Admiralty. As such, soldiers keep their armour and uniforms clean, weapons maintained, and ships ready. Routine inspections occur daily, and incur heavy punishments if failed.

With five I-Class and one Praetor-Class Star Destroyers in operational order and fully complemented with fighters, the Loyalist Fallen are a capable and well-supplied faction. However, Thax Tranquil is a wise tactician, and knows the value of keeping one’s resources hidden.

Notable Characters

Thax Tranquil – Grand Admiral
Nala Imira – Vice Admiral

The Loyalist Fallen

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