Prologue: The Fate of the Jedi

The galaxy is whole once again, united under the common banner of peace. The dreaded Empire lives on only in fragments, each engaged in petty territorial squabbles. Trade is booming, quality of life is at an all-time high, and the citizens of the Republic have never been happier. But, not everyone is pleased with this New Republic…

In a hidden place, a man in officer’s dress approaches a grand dais…

HUX: Leader Snoke, you called.

SNOKE: Yes, it would seem we have work to do.

HUX: Sir? The weapon-

SNOKE: Do not presume me a fool, General. The weapon must wait, for I have found something greater.

HUX: Should I send a unit of Stormtroopers? Phasma has been so craving a fight.

SNOKE: No, General, this is work for a more delicate set of hands.

HUX: Of course, Supreme Leader.

The hologram flickers away, and General Hux walks away, placing a hand on his earpiece.

HUX: Alert commander Garand, the time has come.

~ ~ ~

We cut to the Jedi Temple, nestled away in the hidden corners of the galaxy. The many Jedi apprentices have gathered in the main hall, before a podium. The crowd seems anxious, as though they have been waiting for some time. In the back corner, Dahn do Jonn and Chir-Pi Wingaflap stand next to their mutual friend Andrali Tashad. She smiles at them, and gives them both reassurances. From somewhere near the middle of the crowd, Amos Ishan begins to yell.

AMOS: Where is Master Luke? It’s been nearly an hour!

LUKE: Patience is a great asset, apprentice.

The crowd goes silent, as Jedi Master Luke Skywalker steps out onto the grand stage at the head of the hall. All in attendance bow in respect. Among the crowd are aliens of all sorts, both young and old. Master Luke smiles at his students, and beckons them to rise.

LUKE: You have all shown great promise, it is why you are here. Now, after years of training, it is time for the extraordinary few to rise to the next great challenge of the Jedi path. Many of you are not yet ready, and do not fear, you will be ready soon. Now, however, we must congratulate those who have come so far. For a select few of you, the time has come to advance to knighthood!

~ ~ ~

Elsewhere, a lone ship – The Fortuna – hurtles toward a green planet. Aboard, its captain sits at the controls. He ferries cargo for the Jedi, one of his few legal undertakings as of late, though as a cover for his true purpose: to steal a Kyber crystal.

JEDI COMMS OFFICER: I said, what is your authorization code, Captain?

After convincing the officer he has the appropriate clearance, a docking bay will open up for the ship to land. BB-33 will grow intensely excited at the prospect of meeting a Jedi.

~ ~ ~
We cut back to the Jedi Temple chamber.

LUKE SKYWALKER: To welcome you all to Knighthood, I would like to invite my greatest protege – and my nephew – to speak to you all. Ben, are you ready?

A door hisses open at the front of the temple, and several men in black robes enter.

KYLO REN: It’s funny, uncle, I was about to ask you the same question.

He ignites his lightsaber.

KYLO REN: Kill them all.

~ ~ ~

Meanwhile, the Fortuna has only just landed, the crew having just set foot on solid ground. They see a black Imperial shuttle descending over the temple, and seven men drop down on wires onto the roof.

The ship, for the moment, is grounded, as the docking bay shield is still up. The crew, it seems, has abandoned their posts.

There are several ways the players can disable the shield generator:

  1. Blow up the power cell.
  2. Hack into the computer and disable it.
  3. Climb up and cut the cords.
  4. Find the technicians and convince them to help.

When the generator is down, we cut back to the others.

~ ~ ~

Inside the temple, the Knights of Ren have begun cutting their way through the crowd. Master Luke throws them about with the force, trying to hold them back from his students. Others draw their training lightsabers, and attempt to stand up the the menacing figures. Unfortunately, they are unable to defend themselves against the dark-side users. It soon becomes clear that this is not a fight they can win.

With a perception check, the players notice an unlocked door leading to the docking bays. Colonel Al beckons them over, trying to avoid detection by the Ren. The players can choose to bring Andrali with them, but she will resist, trying instead to save Amos.

ANDRALI: We have to save him!

ANDRALI: Nobody has ever been more important to me.

ANDRALI: I only hope he can stand his own (when convinced.)

As the players reach the door, Amos is violently murdered as Luke engages Kylo Ren in single combat. Andrali screams, and collapses (or, if being dragged along, simply falls limp.) The players meet in the docking bay, as the Fortuna preps for takeoff.

Colonel Al closes and locks the door. From above, a member of the Ardent Shadow descends on a grappling wire: Santian Glasar.

SANTIAN: Did you really think you could escape?

He draws a Heavy Repeating Blaster, and readies for combat.
Note: Roll with a 3 in Gunnery.

The players can either fight him, or make their escape and simply run to the Fortuna. If they do simply escape, Santian will throw a tracker on board. As they leave the planet, a Star Destroyer leaps out of Hyperspace: the Finalizer.

If Andrali is with the party at this juncture, she will confront Dahn and Chir-Pi about not staying to help. She cannot be talked down, and will elect to leave as soon as possible.

The players now have some time to recover, and to get to know each other.

COLONEL AL: What say we have a round, friends?

Onward to Act One.


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