Tag: Human


  • Nala Imira

    Once a ruthless Imperial fighter squadron leader, Nala was taken notice of by Thax Tranquil for her brutal tactics. Often sacrificing many of her own fighters to achieve an objective, Thax was impressed by her commitment to the Empire, and disregard for …

  • Andrali Tashad

    Andrali Tashad was the daughter of a Tatooinian info dealer, discovered at age 8 by Luke Skywalker during a return to his home planet. She displayed great promise with the Force, and so was taken to the Jedi Academy for training. She met [[:dahn-do- …

  • Amos Ishan

    Amos Ishan has lived in the Jedi Temple for the majority of his life, showing promise with the force from an incredibly early age. Murdered by the Knights of Ren during the assault on the Jedi Temple.

  • Ardent Shadow Squad

    Trained by elusive dark-side users, the Ardent Shadow squad was created to deal with the growing Jedi threat. The First Order, realizing they would only join the fight inevitably, determined that the best way to fight the Jedi would be through a …