Tag: Allies


  • The Fortuna

    The player’s ship “The Fortuna” is a YT-1300 light freighter, developed on Corellia during the Galactic Civil War. Captained by [[:captain-azule | Azule]] for several years, the Fortuna represents the finest in modern freighter technology. [[File: …

  • Andrali Tashad

    Andrali Tashad was the daughter of a Tatooinian info dealer, discovered at age 8 by Luke Skywalker during a return to his home planet. She displayed great promise with the Force, and so was taken to the Jedi Academy for training. She met [[:dahn-do- …

  • Amos Ishan

    Amos Ishan has lived in the Jedi Temple for the majority of his life, showing promise with the force from an incredibly early age. Murdered by the Knights of Ren during the assault on the Jedi Temple.

  • AL-B404 "Colonel Al"

    Over his years of service, the Colonel was adored by the younglings for his entertaining nature. [[:dahn-do-jonn | Dahn do Jonn]] became fascinated by the droid, and looked forward to the days the particular unit was assigned to guard his bunk hall. AL …

  • BB-33

    BB-33 was once a New Republic service droid, but was discarded due to hyperactive motivators. The unit was picked up by [[:captain-azule | Captain Azule]] on a mission to Jakku, and soon became the captain's trusted astromech companion.

  • Mads Cal

    Working with allies [[:kisk-vossk | Kisk Vossk]] and Piruhlga for a time, Mads often found himself in dire situations. Always chasing the next bounty, he was a man constantly at work. That was, until he and Vossk made the big catch: a dark jedi. After …