Thax Tranquil

The Admiral of the Fallen, a tactical genius.


The Chiss Admiral of the Dominus’ fleet, commanding the Star Destroyer Supremus.

Thax is an intelligent and ambitious man, seeking power wherever it can be found. A tactical genius in the realm of space warfare, Thax has spent the majority of the past ten years aboard the Supremus, conducting raids on New Republic space stations.

He is a dogmatic and hateful man, hell-bent on restoring the Empire.


During the Galactic Civil War, Thax was personally in command of an Imperial offensive orbiting the planet Dac. There, he destroyed several alliance vessels, and he gained the attention of the local Moff: Darrow Tosh.

After the murder of the Emperor, Darrow foresaw what was to come, and jumped into hyperspace with a fleet of Star Destroyers. Thax Tranquil became the second in command of a new Imperial splinter faction, The Loyalist Fallen.

Several years after the Galactic Civil War, Thax took control of the Fallen — alongside his second-in-command, Nala Imira — by assassinating Darrow. His plan was to steal an ancient Sith weapon, called the Crucifix, which he soon obtained with the help of several Imperial Agents. Thax was soon foiled, however, and had the Crucifix stolen from his very hands by a band of bounty hunting vagabonds.

Now, the Fallen have stayed silent for several years, watching as the New Republic took hold of the galaxy. True to his name, Tranquil remained a non-violent threat, engaged in a cold war with an overwhelming foe. But, he will soon be called into action once more…

Thax Tranquil

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