Nala Imira

Second in command to Thax Tranquil, a scheming and calculating leader.


Second in command to Thax Tranquil, Nala is Vice Admiral of the fleet, and commands the Star Destroyer Ultimus. Nala is a pale skinned human with long, well-kept black hair and light blue eyes. She is a selfish woman, but will go to great lengths to preserve what she believes to be the true Empire.


Once a ruthless Imperial fighter squadron leader, Nala was taken notice of by Thax Tranquil for her brutal tactics. Often sacrificing many of her own fighters to achieve an objective, Thax was impressed by her commitment to the Empire, and disregard for human life. He brought her on as his protege, and she was soon promoted by Darrow Tosh to command her own Star Destroyer.

In the years since the Crucifix was stolen, Nala has worked with Tranquil to prepare the Hand for what is to come.

Nala Imira

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