Farrier Almor

Selonian Jedi Consular Healer who wants to restore the Jedi Order.


As a Selonian he is a carnivourous mammal with needle sharp fangs and claws which he uses to help him perform his surgeries. Selonians are equally fast both on foot and in the water reaching approximate speeds of up to 15m/s. They are also remarkably flexible and have a strong tail which they can use to defend themselves if need be. Farrier stands at 6’5" and has dark grey fur.


Farrier grew up on his home planet of Selonia in the Corellian system. The habitats there consist of dens and burrows and thus most Selonians suffer from agoraphobia (a fear of wide open spaces). For Selonians the safety of their people is their chief concern and they believe that the needs of society outweigh the needs of the individual. Because of this, it is said that for Selonians, lying is an act equal to that of murder. Farrier trained in both medicine and diplomacy in hopes of restoring the Jedi Order as he believes is the best way to ensure the safety of his family and fellow Selonians back home.

Farrier Almor

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