Star Wars: A Galaxy Divided

GM's Log: Session 2

Part One: A Horror in the Cosmos


The crew of the Fortuna was assigned a task: find the mad Doctor Piruhlga.

They set course for the nearby world of Christophsis, but were led astray by the Captain’s errant navigation. The ship came out of hyperspace dangerously close to a moon, and was pulled in by its gravity well.

Our heroes crash-landed, but survived the impact largely unscathed. With a fresh breach in the hull, and two damaged engines, the crew would not be leaving any time soon. Several of the crew set out to repair the ship from outside, but were soon confronted by visions of ghostly figures.

Inside the ship, Eve—the Twi’Lek co-pilot of the Fortuna—was investigating the hull breach. From within, she heard sounds of movement. In her efforts to investigate, she depressurized the ship, but discovered a ghostly figure of her own.

The crew became swiftly uneasy outside the safety of the ship, and quickly made their way back inside. But, with no way to repair the ship and only two hours of oxygen, there was little time to act: our crew made efforts to repair the ship from outside once again. Now, they found the ship and the surrounding area covered in blood.

Inside, Eve was confronted by a horror unspeakable—the severed heads of her family dangling from the ship’s ceiling. She was stabbed from behind, and left for dead.

Outside, the rest of the crew got to work along with BB-33, who soon short-circuited. Chir-Pi noticed a figure approaching, who ignited a lightsaber. He warned the others, but they seemed disinterested. Soon, the figure reached Chir-Pi and ran him through with the crackling blade. Only Bhentar and Azule remained.

Miraculously, the ship’s engines kicked back to life. The two made their way to the cockpit, and readied themselves for launch. Bhentar, however, saw a different reality: a Kalee warband approached. Bhentar disappeared from the cockpit, and the captain was left alone. A metal hand rested on his shoulder, and a cold voice spoke ill omens in his ears.

Then, the crew woke up.

They were back on their ship, orbiting Tattooine. Shaking off the horrors of their collective nightmare, they set about their true task… finding Piruhlga.

Part Two: The Crystalline Graveyard


Finally, our heroes reached Christophsis.

The planet was largely abandoned, save for a single New Republic outpost manned by a disfigured Mirialan called Opheri Hestro. She excused the group’s criminal record in exchange for their company, and gave them the leads they needed on Doctor Piruhlga.

The crew took a lift down to the surface, and took speeder bikes provided by Hestro to the last known location of Doctor Piruhlga. Among a sea of clone corpses, functioning battle-droids stood at the ready.

Our heroes chose caution, and escaped to a nearby building. Within, they fought a super battle droid, who alerted the rest of his cohort. An army of battle-droids converged on the building, and the crew quickly rushed to the roof. There, a droid confronted them, and asked them to exercise restraint. His master wished to speak with the crew.

They accepted, and were led to the junk-built throne room of an old HK droid that called himself “Lumin.” The droid agreed to lead them to the information they sought, and requested something in return: he asked to have his restraining bolt removed. Azule obliged, but had more dastardly goals. He reprogrammed Lumin—and by extension, his droid army—to serve them when the time came.

Finally, in the data-logs left by Doctor Piruhlga, they discovered that he had left for Kashyyyk some months ago. They set out back to the ship—a new battle droid in tow—with the intention of resting for the night. But, things are never so easy for our humble crew…


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