Star Wars: A Galaxy Divided

Captain Azule's Log: Session 1

Our ship got raided by a group calling themselves the “Loyalists” Boarded our ship and was looking for me and my crew mates. Thing is My Twi’lek companion wasn’t on that list for some reason; suspicious.

I found a datapad with a list of names of people wanted by these loyalists, and also the crimes they’ve committed. 2 individuals on Tatooine have been pardoned of their large list of crimes ; called “Snapshot and Brawler”

We landed on Tatooine, checked out some shops then went into Jed Buntas Watering Hole ; a filled with all the undesirables of the universe. We walked into the place, grabbed some drinks and found out that the people we were looking for were further inside. After going through the dank back alleys we enter a smaller room with private dance tables. After inquiring with the bartender we were pointed to an off limits room where we were met with a droid at the door. After giving him the data pad i found on the Loyalist officer he let us inside and we were met with 2 individuals sitting down.

They referred themselves to as Kisk Vossk and Mads Cal.



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