Star Wars: A Galaxy Divided

Chir-Pi Wingaflap's Log: Session 1

After the collapse of the new Jedi Order perpetrated by the Knights of Ren, Chir-pi and his peer Bhentar managed to find themselves stowed on the starship Fortuna captained by the infamous bounty hunter Azule and co-captained by the smuggler Eveenak’aitos.

For two years their adventures were largely uneventful, save for the expected plunder and murder typical in the company of a Bounty Hunter and Smuggler. Chir’s studies faltered in the company of the Fortuna’s crew, and much of his skill dulled.

All seemed to be going rather smoothly until a new offshoot of the old empire named “The Loyalists” boarded the Fortuna with the intent of arresting Captain Azule. Though peaceful discourse couldn’t be achieved, a well planned ambush from the crew and a spectacular shot from the captain himself repelled the invaders. While Chir and Eveenak collected the spoils of war, Bhentar and Azule searched the Loyalist’s craft.

Inside they found the pilot, obviously shaken by the fact that such a small crew managed to eliminate 8 stormtroopers and an officer. They managed to coerce the pilot into falsifying the mission report to his superior. Azule and Bhentar then disabled the ship, activated the distress beacon and jettisoned the craft into space.

A datapad found by the Captain on the ship revealed some interesting information about two individuals; “Snapshot” and “Brawler”. It was discovered that they were located in a seedy Mos Espa cantina, and they set a course straight away to better understand the nature of the Loyalists.

Chir-pi learned of what Bhentar had done to the pilot after the attack, and warned him against acts of passion. Chir was reluctant to let the matter go, but he conceded. He himself had had strange doubts and pangs of dark emotion in their two year voyage.

After some ostentatious purchasing in a Mos Espa market, the party found themselves at Jed Bunta’s Watering Hole. They eventually found the location of the two they’d been searching for, and they were greeted to an inauspicious duo of wide repute.


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